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Change...wow, it's certainly very evident in our lives as we move through each year.  Since 2015, we've taken a different approach to our vision of how we hope to support and meet the needs of the busy professionals & the youth who will come after us.  Of course, it's all about the HR Connection but there's so much more. It's all about an evolving landscape of the world of work and how we can be in the know as we move through these ever changing and uncertain times of our professional pursuits.  It's going to be an amazing journey!

Welcome to our HR Connection Resource Center



Through ongoing research, exploration and discovery of viable resources, we will continue to remain on the forefront of the constant change in the world of work, specifically related to the HR connection.  

Some of our ongoing research and learning resources and SMEs in the HR arena include:

I hope you have time to explore some of the above resources and if you don't, look us up and let's discover if what we share is of value to you.

We will seek local and statewide venues to share our knowledge with HR leaders, small business professionals and other interested parties to offer the opportunity to learn and grow within their current or future role in the workplace. 

In 2016, we hope to see you at the:

If we are really lucky we'll be humbled to speak with you from a presenter role to share some of the good stuff we have learned from the trenches throughout our career journey.

Finally, we are seeking local event opportunities to share the HR connection with our small business community during Small Business Week in May, 2016.   

An equally important passion is to share the HR connection with our educators so that they can take it back to the classroom to help support preparing our youth for their future in the workplace. 

As both business and education leaders will confirm, the future of most workplaces is unknown with changes taking place at lightening speed as they say.  Our youth have a need to know many basic and complex areas which can be offered while they are still in school but we, the business people of today must help support our educators to meet this goal.

By promoting the HR Connection to the educators who can take it back to their classroom, we can expose our students to their future in a fun, interactive and engaging manner. For those in the high school setting, we can offer more detailed and perhaps complex information to have them ready and prepared for the workplace.    

My goal, or perhaps better stated, my long term vision, is to get the HR connection in the classroom in tidbits, chunks and ultimately having an HR connection resource center with youth playing a substantial role in the management of the center (Pretend and role play).   That's a big goal and one that I hopefully will see come to be for the sake of those who follow us.  I'm redirecting my current state to set the groundwork for a retirement encore career.

In the meantime, look us up at the local and statewide community events including:

 You'll also have the opportunity to meet my "Ambassadors" who I'm grooming for their future:  Alexis, Jaiden, Kendall, & Lauren.  My junior assistants, Bree and Hayley are moving on up to graduating and working but they continue to support our efforts in educating the future workforce.

Have you ever seen a five year old participate in an interview?  She's good and who knows...perhaps Jaiden can interview you at one of the events.